Discover The Hidden Bolivia at Rurrenabaque

“Rurre” because Known as by the natives is a little city located in the north of Bolivia around the Beni River and it is a favorite stop for visitors since it’s any rock’s throw away in the Madidi National Park, very significant normal reserves in the world. At the same time, it’s surrounded by pampas containing given the minor city a boost in tourism revenue lately. Rurrenabaque can be home to numerous ethnic teams like the Chimanes, Chamas as well as Tacanas. Beside farming, tourism and local trade are its principal financial pursuits.

For to Rurrenabaque, you will find busses plying every day from La Paz which will take you on any 20-hour trip by using a pit stop at Coroico. Local air carriers like TAM (Transporte Aereo Militar) as well as Amaszonas have routes into the city but cancellations tend to be frequent specially during the wet season.

Ecotourism in Rurrenabaque centers across the jungle/rainforest wherever over One,000 bird species are in addition to a new varied flora and fauna, which makes Rurre a favourite place for ecotourism at Bolivia.The particular Madidi National Park is one of the largest protected areas on the planet. The pampas tours pass foot and also boat as well as towards the region of the Yacuma River.

Other places to determine Are the Reserve of the Biosphere, the Indigenous Territories at Pilon Lajas and also the Butterfly Pool Mirador. For the pampas tours, best time to find out Rurrenabaque woul always be throughout the dry out (summer) time period when going for walks paths tend to be somewhat significantly less muddy, traveling is much more regimen and there are a lesser number of parasites throughout the trek.

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